Hello world!

Hi Friends….

thanks for appreciating my work 🙂

thanks a lot


8 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Aniket says:

    Ladki ne bahut aache vichar prakat kare hain. Is mein desh ke prati jagrookta ki jhalak dikhayi de rahi hai or yeh awaaz isne desh ke vikas ke liye uthayi hai apne liye nahi. to mere pyare readero kripya is dor-drishti rakhne wali desh ki zimmedar balika ke vicharo ka sahiyog kare or isko bhari bhari commento se vijayi banaye.

    ladki ki baaton mein PARTY GIRA dene wala dum hai. Or mera sahiyog iske sath hai “Haan Hann Party gira denge!!!! Haan haan Party gira denge!!!” wale nare lagate hue sab 12 aug 2011 ko sansad bhawan chalenge.

  2. Jadubir says:

    Talking bout NWFP, i wont be able to make any comments on it, but talking of change of name of cities in India, the politicians are primely motivated by the vote bank policies. The majorities of people in India, I believe have nothing to do with such changes. It’s only to appease a section a society that such needless steps are taken which results in huge loss of public exchequer

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