Labour in my Neighbour

1 May is celebrated as Labours Day, these labours plays very crucial role in our life. We can’t think our life without them but still they are subject of exploitation only because they are not educated. Sometime they even don’t get the wages according to their work. India is full of human resources that’s why competition is quite high if any workers demand high wages, he get substituted with lower one. Workers work hard but what they get at the end of the day? Nothing, only because they are uneducated and poor.

Raghu is merely 17 year old boy, who works as a mason on Rs. 50 per day. He is a boy with great determination, he wants to be a Professor one day, as he is the lone bread earner in the family that’s why tough for him to fulfill his dreams and support his mom(ill) and younger sister(who is disable). Albeit of  all these he dare to live his dream, he is in BA (Bachelor of Art) first year and till now his score is 64%, which I consider is good enough for student like him(who is working 10-12 hours). Former President of India rightly said “Small aim is crime see bigger ones”.

It is very tough for labour like him to save money for studies because they earn less and have too many responsibilities to fulfill (like basic needs, house rent etc.). And even if someday they earn more they spend it on good food, clothes and life. Everyone wants good life but this Raghu boy is good example for anyone like him because when you are educated you know your rights and not get exploited easily.

According to ILO (International Labour Organization) across the world 246 million children between the age of 5 to 15 are engaged in “Child Labour”. But by observing June as “AntiChild Labour Day” doesn’t solve the trouble around 120 million (7-10 ages) work in agriculture, service business (26 million) and industry (14 million). Asia-Pacific claims the greatest share of Child Worker around 122 million, in SubSahara 49 million and in India 12.6 million

One solution not able to control this problem. By only education or tighten 1986 Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act is not going to address the problem. Government should provide subsidies to poor people so that they can able to send their child to school, have proper food to eat and healthy environment to live.


4 thoughts on “Labour in my Neighbour

  1. Jadubir says:

    A nice article at a very appropriate time.. Merely observing labour day or anti child labour day would not solve the problems.. There need to be a systematic implementation of measures to remove child labour from our society. Banning child labour would also not solve anything as it wont be targeted to the root cause of the problem. Its not that easy to completely remove it, but then if done in a proper manner, it will be eradicated out.

  2. ASHISH RANJAN says:

    Nearly 30% of population in poor countries are poorest of poor who are not even able to earn enough for one day food with big family have to largely depend on children to earn and feed. Parents of these children are mainly illiterate or semi literate are unable to find jobs, which can provide enough salary. Dream of education to children is impossible unless suitable employment opportunities made available to at least one person in the family. Simply by opening schools and providing books are not sufficient measures. We need to understand the reason behind child labour that is poverty and unemployment. Minimizing poverty and creation of more and more suitable jobs to parents are the only solution of eradication of majority of child labour problem.

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