Other face of Dowry Case

Dowry” this word is not new to us. Newly-wedded brides burnt brutally, committed suicide or consumed poison etc. This is a heinous crime against humanity. In older times, bride’s parents gave gifts to their daughter as a token of love according to magnitude of their status but now it has become necessary and a tradition.

Women are always considered as a victim of this cruel society. But is it always true? Every year around millions of cases are registered against husband and in-laws for dowry harassment and domestic violence but around ¼ are fake cases.

According to sec 406– If the list contain any item which is not brought by bride but still she includes any item as a item in dowry, law considers it as true.

Sec 304(B) – If any women died in any suspicious condition (burn. Cut, hanging etc) then it is considered as “Dowry Case” and in-laws get jail for 7 years even if they are innocent and their daughter-in-law committed suicide because of any reason.

Sec 498 – Husband and in-laws get immediately arrested, if any women file dowry harassment case. And after that investigation is done whether case is true or fake. But it’s too late for those innocent families who are framed in these fake cases. They often get beaten by police, it traduce their respectable image too. Many a times, women marry men because of money greed and sometimes in revenge and they frame their husband and in-laws in dowry harassment case and then demand divorce with huge alimony and after that they set new target.

It is true fact that by tightening laws, we shall be able to surmount this cruel heinous crime to some extent, but it is also true without the help of  public we are not able to eradicate it completely. Law is there to facilitate you but because of few people it is used in a wrong manner. Because of this, many innocent people suffer. So, besides forming laws and acts Govt. should install a watchdog that would curb their illegitimate use just in the name of humanity while killing it in disguise.


3 thoughts on “Other face of Dowry Case

  1. Jadubir says:

    Wowww.. wonderful Sana…. a blog of this kind… that too from a gal is well welcomed. The attenton should be on the plight of the innocent men who suffers bcoz of this laws made.. and if the bride is too clever.. she will be mis using such laws for her interests..

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