KHAP: Ancient Heroes Modern Villians

Newspapers, TV, Magazines, are flooded with Khap news because they threat and kill innocent couples, who marry in same gotra. First of all what gotra is? Gotra is lineage or Clan assigned to a Hindu at birth. Gotra is also known as vansh, vanshaj, bedagu, purvik, purvajan, petru . An individual may decide to identify lineage by different gotra, or combination of gotra.
Now, second question arises who are khap? and why they are against to same gotra marriage? So, Khap is a social administration system in the North-Western India (such as Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh). The existence of Khap was far back as the Saksa invasion Circa 500 BC into the Indian sub- continent. The concept of Khap is ancient; according to written reference found it is 2500 BC old, during Reg Vedic time.
Khap means republic, it is also known as pal, janapada and ganasangha etc. During Kshatriya time, two type of judgement procedure was formed, Clan and under Panchayat system, Clan is based on huge 1 gotra and panchayat system is territorial and highly democratic.
The Khap considered a unit of 84 villages. The individual villages were governed by an elected council (panch), which was known as Panchayat. A unit of 7 villages was called a Thamba and 12 thamba would form 84 villages. We also find khaps of 12 and 24 villages their elected leaders would be represented at the khap level. These elected khaps solve the disputes in the village and take necessary action, they work as social administrator, their word is law, and all villagers obey their decision.
It is a fair system where every villager is allowed to take part in judiciary system but only elder members of village are allowed to vote and can give their suggestions, younger member is only allowed to listen. Final decision passed by khap after hearing all the aspects of cases and maximum votes.
There were many times when armies were defeated by Sarv khaps and they protect their village from marauded. Like in-
• Battle of Multan against Huns Vikram Samvat 564 (507 AD).
• Battle of Tarori against Muhammad Ghori in 12 century AD.
• Battle of the confluence of Hindan and Kali river against Ala-ud-din Khilji in the 13th century AD in protest against imposition of heavy taxes and interference in private affair.
But now khap is in silver line after they initiated threats of murder and violence to innocent couples who marry in same gotra. There are too many cases registered against them. Recently additional District judge Vanigopal Sharma pronounced the sentenced on Manoj(23) and Babli(19) murder case who has married on 18 May 2007, Babli brother Suresh, uncle Rajender, Baru ram , babli cousins Gurudev and Satish, beside the leader of Panchayat Gangalal given life imprisonment.
Nafe Singh Nail, leader of Haryana Khap organized a meeting n Apr’2010 to constitute a SARVA JATIYA SURAKSHA MANCH to carry on its agitation and protect Haryana “Social Fabric” by urging the people to adhere to the concept of “Bhaichara( among villages with people of same gotra)”
And they demanded to amend Hindu Marriage Act and add “Social Norm” in it so that no one can marry in same gotra and if they did, they should punish by law and for that they are forcing all the 10 MPs of Haryana to favor them and should pass the bill in Lok sabha.
Since ancient times khap norm has not changed but now they seriously need legal reform. They should understand that society has changed & there is no meaning of applying same gotra theory now. Marriage is same village or in neighborhood is not only cost efficient (less cost burden in marriage) but people knowing each other well. In older time there were too many rules regarding marriage like child marriage, gotra, kundli-milap etc, but now they do it to have their own stubborn ways no matter if it stains their hands with worst of brutality. Marriages are made in heaven, it require understanding and love not any sort of GOTRA.


6 thoughts on “KHAP: Ancient Heroes Modern Villians

  1. Jadubir says:

    It goes on and goes on and goes on….. one judgement is not enuf i guess. People lilke these deserves to be shot dead in public. I was shocked to see a recent honour killing, which has now started to emerge in cities too.

  2. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


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