Wear your VEIL, go to JAIL…

In recent advancement, veil has been banned in many countries around Europe (especially in France, which has the largest Muslim population in Europe). Belgium Lower house of parliament approved a bill to ban wear veil( all clothing that covers or partially covers the face) in public place, and that move make Belgium the first European country to make wearing veil as criminal offence.

It makes one wonder how government is intruding into the life of citizen hurting their sentiments and belief beyond repairs and causing unwanted disturbance. According to Belgium draft law, it was cast as a security measure because they are facing difficulties in identification of the people.

If identification is really a major security problem for them then why don’t they hire special women security force, or security guard for examining women or they can implement a good security methods like fingerprint recognition with unique security identity card with code. There are too many measures are available there is no need to implement such a ban

Right to freedom of expression and religion are fundamental right of each and every human being to practice their religion then how banning veil is correct step if it hurts sentiment of citizen. They called veil is a “Walking Prison” for women, wearing veil or not is a personal choice but nobody have right to force anyone to stop wearing veil and shouldn’t practice their custom and tradition.


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