Chase your dreams

Everyone used to dream, the dream to be in fairy land with whimsical power, the dream to rule the world etc. But accomplishment of dream is truly depend on our hard work and determination to achieve success even heir is lots of hurdles and all doors look closed for you albeit of all this never lose your hope and confidence.

I want to share a story with you which i used to hear in my childhood. This story is about a frog who along with other animals, was trying to make it to the top of the well. While he took 1 step at a time, he realized there were animals below him who told him that he shouldn’t try and that he would slip and fall and never make it . There were animals at the top who told him to give up because it was useless to climb up and that he would eventually fall.

and at last frog made it to the top. Everyone was shocked. The animals asked him, “How did you manage this difficult feat?” They got no answer. They asked him repeatedly until they realized he was deaf!

So don’t listen anything which discourage you, be deaf, when people trying to pull you down. As it is perfectly said in Mahabharata “Karamaniye Vadhikarstu ma fhaleshu kadachan”, it means do you work, don’t  think about fruit(result). Like in previous story, all animals tried hard to achieve success and make it to the well top but no one else succeed because somewhere they are listening to the discouraging words from fellow animals which is enough to abase the sense of self-motivation, there was no one who motivate them and as a result they slipped down but this deaf frog make it to the top only because he listen to his heart and word of  discouragement not heard by him and at last he achieve what he want.


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