Vicissitude of life

Once upon a time there lived this jewish king named Solomon. One day he thought to teach a lesson to his minister Benamiah Ben Yehoyad. So he assigned to him a seemingly impossible task. He ordered Benamiah to find him a magic ring which make him happy when he feel sad and vice-versa.

Solomon gave him a six-month timeline for the search. Both Solomon and Benamiah knew that such a ring did not exist but Benamiah pray hard for miracle. He tried but he achieved nothing, one day a little time before the deadline was over, he saw an old poor merchant in Jeruslem, who was spreading out his goods on carpet. Benamiah was quite intrigued and thought to take a chance so he asked the merchant whether he had a magic ring. The merchant smiled and he took the gold ring from his wares and etched 4 words on it. Benamiah went back to Solomon and all his ministers began to make mockery of Benamiah, teasing him as he would have returned empty handed. But with confidence Benamiah offered the gold ring to king. As Solomon read what was written, he stopped being bully. The word were “THIS TOO SHALL PASS”. Suddenly, Solomon felt that everything in life was emphemiral, and nothing last forever.

These 4 words “THIS TOO SHALL PASS” will boost you ,life is mystrious thing where noone can ever know what going to be next, nothing is static here .If there is hard time soon there will be good too but never lose hope because when there is will there is a way.


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