Crush the Habit, Say NO to TOBACCO

No smoking

smoking and its effects

Smoking, for some it is style mantra and for some it is habit but excuses is not going to abase its effects. Smokers don’t even realize that smoking does not ease their tension but it depresses their nervous system and once you get addicted it becomes very difficult to quit.


no smoking

According to the estimates of WHO (World Health Organization#mce_temp_url#), every year approximately 5 million people die from tobacco use and if the current trends continue, this figure will reach 10 million per year which include 70% smokers from developing countries.

In India alone, tobacco kills 1 million people every year and around 2500 persons die every day from tobacco related disease. Tobacco alone is responsible for 1.5lacs cancer, 4.2 million heart diseases, and 3.7 million lung diseases in our country men every year and it is estimated that half the people that smoke today will be killed by tobacco.


smoking and its effect

High prevalence of tobacco use among women and young girls is hazardous, approximately 1.2crore women use tobacco in India out of which 54lakh use it in smoking forms like bidi , hookah, cigarette, dhumti and chutta and 65lakh use smoker forms like gutka, khaini, gudhaku, mishri and toothpaste which all together . In women, smoking reduces fertility leading spontaneous abortions, still births and low weight babies.

Second-hand smoke (passive smoking) has officially been classified as cause of cancer. It also causes acute and chronic heart diseases, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, middle ear infection and sudden infant death syndrome.

Smoking not only affects the health of smoker but it also affects other inhabitants. Women and children are most vulnerable to the hazards of second-hand smoking. Smoking particles will stay in the place where the smoker smoke and it is as harmful as smoking a cigarette.

Government should take necessary steps to ban tobacco and tobacco products, by increasing cigarette prices, by levying heavy taxes on tobacco and only warning on cigarette packet is not going to be fruitful. Tobacco is exempted from indirect tax in many states including Madhya Pradesh and in June last year pictorial warning on cigarette packet were made compulsory but that picture was too hazy and not able to convey message properly.

Warning is not going to affect the consumption of tobacco products. People generally purchase 1 cigarette at a time and not read the warning and even if they purchase the packet they don’t realize it is harmful or it may damage their lungs and health. Cigarette is not going to ease your tension, you have to be focused and confident to solve your problem, it only makes you physically unsound and weak.

Government should ban the tobacco and tobacco products and treat its consumption as criminal offence. How can government kill its citizen just for revenue (which is generated from tobacco and its product)? Tobacco manufacturing, especially bidi rolling is a serious occupational hazard for women and children. Do you know tobacco makes land infertile; it is no more able to produce crops. You can calculate how much land is wasted because of tobacco fertilization.

We make habits then habits make us, same is true with smoking. It is not easy to quit any habit but we can by strong determination and by proper guidance. There are many NGO available, who are trying to help those who want to quit this hazardous habit. 31 May is observed as “World No Tobacco Day” and now it is your time to quit smoking and warn people who smoke because your smoking not only affects you, it affects other too.


5 thoughts on “Crush the Habit, Say NO to TOBACCO

  1. Jadubir says:

    Nice one..and a better timed too. u made a brief but very informative analysis on the trend of tobacco consumption. Few days back i read in newspaper that nowadays there has been an increase in the consumption of tobacco among indian women. with such news i guess the worse is yet to come.
    Yeah i agree that Govt shud take firm steps against tobacco consumption. but they have to be very calculated while taking any steps against such issues. Any action taken in a haste can back fire..and cause more trouble. So it shud be well planned and effectively implemented to make a difference

    • thanks jadu for ur wonderfyl comment bt still im not agree with u…its really a very big issue to solve ….
      do you know india has burden of mouth cancer in world due to this tobacco consumption…it iis a responsibility of government to take care of this matter

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