Marriage is not for everyone

Marriage is very crucial part of girl’s life, eveery girl is waiting for his prince charming etc., since childhood you may heard of this non-sense stuff.

I really get irritated whenever I read “Mr. and Mrs.” followed by husband name. It diminishes women’s identity. Have you ever heard or seen Mrs. and Mr. followed by wife name? Never na? Why? Because our society is men- oriented and calls it tradition. In any application form you will always find, father name is written above the mother name and in some cases there is no option for mother’s name. Why? If they say “MOTHER IS GREATER THAN FATHER”. Manu, the Hindu law giver, in one of his law- “यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यते, रमन्ते तत्र देवता  “ and “Teacher is ten times more venerable than sub-teachers; the father a hundred times more than the teacher but a mother is thousand times more than father”.

“She is a true wife who has borne a son”, says Manu again, in one of his categorical laws. Vedic verses sing for sons to be followed by more sons, never by daughter. A prayer in “Atharva Veda” says “the birth of a girl grant elsewhere, here grant a son”.

Since ancient time women is victim of this society like widowhood, unfair work practices, sati pratha, child marriage, dowry system, sexual servitude, discrimination and other forms of exploitation. Yet they talk about fulfilling relationship, the joy of marriage and children.

“Bring a wife into your home and protect her”, Prophet said. But why women always need a protector since childhood, father then husband? Why she is not capable to protect herself? Why she is not able to accomplish her own dreams? Why she requires financial security from husband? Why she is not able to fulfill her requirements (financial, social etc.)? Why mostly girls don’t have their own identity and known by her parent’s then her husband’s name?

Just because of this rubbish society and family mindset which don’t allow a girl to be free and able to take her decision on her own. According to them only husband can be best destination in her life, she will be complete only if she gets married. Most of the time family pressurizes their daughter to get married and what happens thereafter, she loses her identity, her freedom and everything.

Marriage is not made for everyone that’s why divorces do happen. Marriage is a very important decision which changes a girl’s life completely; she leaves her house and enters into a new world. So it is very important to not force your daughter to get married, because good husband is not a destination of every girl some want their own identity. Being single is not a crime, it doesn’t mean you are against marriage, it just mean that you want to live your life according to your own terms and conditions, on your own capabilities and talents.


One thought on “Marriage is not for everyone

  1. Jadubir says:

    Well, its true that women have not been given their due credit by the society for a long time. But time has changed, and women are coming up in life and they r accepted the way they are with all the importance given to her.
    BUt it cannot be forgotten that world at large is a patriarchal society. Its not the tradition but a system where the family is headed by a man. Now this system which has been running since thousands of years cannot be changed in one night. They r not living in a regressive society anymore. They r free to make their own decision regarding their life. Similarly, its the gal who leaves her family to stay with boys family and not the vice versa. Hence name change happens with the gal..and not the boy. Infact nowadays, many husbands are not forcing their wives to change their name and the wives do carry their original name.

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