blasphemyBlasphemy, hitherto (dec’10) whole Pakistani media is inundated with its news. I accept it is very brusque to criticize or abuse any God. God is a deity creature, and they are having very responsible position in the eyes of devotees. Even if you are atheist, you have no right to say bad about them.

Recently Asia BibiAsia Bibi, a mason in Pakistan, who was Christian, said bad words to Prophet. And in Pakistan, there is law, if you said anything against Prophet, and you are witnessed by at least 4 people, you will be hanged to death.

But Punjab Governor raised objection against this blasphemy law in Pakistan, they said if accused is forced to say bad about prophet then in that case capital punishment is not given to them, imprisonment will be suitable. As like in Asia Bibi case, their sub-ordinate workers, started fight by blaspheme about Jesus and that drive Asia to speak bad about Prophet. But only held responsible for blasphemy because only blaspheme about Prophet is consider as CRIME. Which I really believe is totally unfair.

During the Prophet time, there were some non-believers who used to use abusive language against the Prophet of Islam. The Prophet of Islam never suggests any legal punishments to them. He simply directedblasphemy them to one of his companions, Hassan Bin Sabil-al-Ansari, who would respond to their blasphemous statements and remove their misunderstanding by means of arguments.

It is unfair that only blaspheme about Prophet is consider as crime, treat every god as equal. Why only Asia is being hanged, other sub-ordinates should be hanged too. Asia Bibi triggered a blasphemy furore and in whose defence Salman Taseer lost his life this week by his elite bodyguard who is infused with extremist views. Supporters of Sunni Tehreek chant slogans in favor of Mumtaz Qadri and shower rose petal instead of bricks outside the anti-terrorist court in Rawalpindi.

Only attestation (orally) by few person against anybody (without having any wrsalman taseeritten, video or audio evidence) is considered as evidence and capital punishment are given to accused. Islam suggests capital punishment only for murder. Is it correct to testify any person without proper evidence? If this will continue then and innocent suffer more than the real blaspheme.

It is good to adopt blaspheme law but it should be equal to every religion and every convict should be punished equally.


14 thoughts on “Blasphemy

  1. Ustad Syed Abed says:

    Dear Sana,
    I think your views on blasphemy law are very much true. Every religion should have equal rights. But dear i am against the demand to release Asia Bibi. It will insult my beloved prophet. But one thing that i will say Whoever created that situation to Asia Bibi will be hanged with her. So nobody will ever try to abuse any religion and harm sentiments of all humans.

    • dat i dnt knw dear….bt i believe this is totally unfairr…wht Ghazi Malik Mumtaz Qadri done…..police constable Mumtaz Qadri had killed Mr Taseer because no criminal case was registered against the governor for criticising the blasphemy laws in public.
      this is totally unfair…. if u r implementing some act thn it should be equal for every1….
      y any other religion is depreived of it???…. y only blaspheme abt Prophet gt punished????

    • yes ofcourse… im nt in favor of release… capital punishment is big one…and all people who is responsible for forcing her to blaspheme should be punished equal…. bt personally i blv hang till death is very punishment

  2. Ustad Syed Abed says:

    Madamji you are right this kind of act must be equal for every one. So what you want. No one should be hanged for criticizing any religion. Its unfair. Politicians criticize religions to get vote. All this boosts riots, harms humanity, kills many innocent peoples. What will you say about this. Only capital punishment can stop them. Nahi to jail bhi unke liye 5 star hotel jaisi hoti hai.

  3. Ustad Syed Abed says:

    If we want to save innocents. Then sweetheart blasphemy act should be imposed on every one, every religion. Phir dekhna deen dharam k naam par koi danga nahi hoga. koi masoom nahi marega. Are neta log ko bhi vote aur kursi se zyada jaan pyari hoti hai. lol

    • i agree with u dear bt …capital punishmnt is very big punishmnt… imprisonmnt is btr option for them…. god is here to punish those who speak abt them… n as i explain in my blog.. During ancient tym.. prophet dnt punish those who spk bad abt them… dey jst clear dere doubts..

      • neta ??? yaha babri majid tod dali gayi,, vote k liye ramayan,mahabharat ho insult kiya gaya… riots hoti hai… karan ..geeta phadi jati hai… kis kis ko punish karoge??????
        jo sabke samne kahe bs use hi na????
        jo dil se bura kahe ya soche uska kya karoge????
        yaar god is here only… he vl punish those who spk bd to ne1.. wo hai insaaaf k liye….
        isliye mujhe lagta hai… logo k dil se nafrat ko nikalo…. har religion k liye… respect badhao…

  4. Ustad Abed says:

    true obviously true, nafrat nikalo respect badhao, yaha tak thik hai. but sweety itna yaad rakho jo dil me sochta hai wo riots nahi badhata. par jo sabke saamne bol deta hai wo kai logo ka gunehgar hota hai. kitne log marte hai unki waja se. and you says capital punishment is very big.

  5. Ustad Abed says:

    Dear kabhi un logo k point of view se socho jo pareshan hote hain. na ki unke liye socho jo bol kar side me hojate hain aur tamasha dekhte hai.

  6. Ustad Abed says:

    Yes Dear you are right. Agar aankh ka badla aankh ho jaye then all world will be belind. Nafrat ko pyar se hi mitana padega.

  7. Jadubir says:

    Its true that to most, capital punishment for blasphemy is very harsh, but the severity of the punishment vary from one country to another. But the major issue here is the equality of law. If there is a blasphemy law for one religion, then religious sensitivity of the minorities also should be protected and same law (harsh) law shud be applicable.

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