Tri-Valley University

For centuries, U.S. is the top most desired destination for Indian students and professional. When demand of certain commodities increases and if market doesn’t have that much supply then the malpractice will emerge. Same happen recently, when Tri – valley university scam came into picture.

The Tri-valley university, which is actually “Sham University” in Pleasanton used the unaccredited school to charge million of dollars from foreigners in tuition fee s and help them in student visa in U.S. 1555 student were enrolled at Tri-Valley and 95% of them were from India, according to a complaint filed on Jan 19 in U.S. district court in San Francisco. Indian students are being treated like treated by U.S. immigration and customs enforcement agents even though they were issued valid U.S. visas by American consular official in India.

According to U.S. authorities because Tri-Valley University is not legally registered university thatsy those who enrolled into this university is not treated as student and charged for illegal immigration. Students are treated rudely and forced to wear ankle bracelet (radio tracking) to track their movement.

But tell me is it possible for normal student, who is far away from Foreign University, to get the detail knowledge about whether that  university is fake or not. In lure of boosting the future prospect people sometime get misguided by cunning person. If anybody get trap in such sort of fraud, then it should be the moral duty of host country, to help that student and guide them instead of abusing them.

I personally believe, U.S. govt. should show some leniency toward Indian students and allowed them to other U.S. Universities (because they already paid hefty money for tuition fees), or be allowed to return to India without being deported, which would prevent them from returning to the U.S.



2 thoughts on “Tri-Valley University

  1. Ustad Abed says:

    Arre par apne logo ko kya zaroorat hai US jaane ki. Padhna hi hai then we have many good institutions in india aswell. And its the duty of student to gather all the data of university at the time of admission. agar fake university me admission milgaya to US govt ki kya galti hai. They cant change their rules. Ha par wo ek kaam karsakte hain. They can provide proper assistance at the time of issuing visa. So that student can get full knowledge of institutes and save themselves.

  2. Shnila says:

    I think both the Governments should get into some negotiation and form database of legal and valid institutions. As so much exchange of students is taking place then it is obviously needed to curb malpractices and protect kids from falling in wrong hands. As about now, that institution should be made to repay back students’ money. But obviously if you going out to study you should be prudent enough to check all details.

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