Employee dissatisfaction- “say what you want to say”

Somehow employers the world over conveniently forget that their employees could be overworked and might have a “LIFE”!!!

Mercer survey of 30,000 workers worldwide, which showed that between 28% and 56% of employees in 17 spots around the globe wanted to leave their jobs. In the U.S., 32% said they wanted to find new work. That’s about half of the 65% of respondents to the Right Management survey, who said they were either somewhat or totally unsatisfied.


I would speculate that the following are real causes:
– because they asked to work overtime without their consent (they are forced to do so or they are afraid to decline to keep the job)
– because they don’t enjoy what they are doing
(bad work placement and match)

– unfair pay image
– no Appreciation of their work, they take all your work credit. When employees don’t feel appreciated, the stress it creates can have a fatal blow to a company’s productivity and bottom line.image
– Favoritism-Anytime someone receives special treatment at work, it’s bound to ruffle the feathers of fellow employees. Whether it’s more money, an undeserved promotion, or a better schedule, favoritism by an employer can be a destructive force to morale.image
-Thousands of unqualified bosses slip up the ranks and into positions they have no right to hold. It’s just part of the work life, and it aggravates the heck out of employees. There’s not a lot workers can do if they’re under the thumb of a bumbling boss, so turn the situation around. If the boss is no good, it gives the employee a better chance to stand out and score major bonus points with senior management.

– no oppurtunity for advancement and promotions.
– The nasty, overbearing boss is probably the biggest cliché of any workplace. The evil supervisor is constantly being represented on the small and big screen, including the recent film, ‘The Devil Wears Prada,’ where Meryl Streep portrayed the ruthless and cynical magazine editor, Miranda Priestly. But for a lot of unfortunate employees, the miserly boss isn’t Hollywood fiction. It’s a reality that workers have to face and deal with. Employees should take on bad boss behavior by one, making sure they’re doing things right; two, documenting bad behavior; three, finding a mentor within the company to confide in; and four, if all else fails, report the ogre to a supervisor or the human resources department.
– If you’ve never felt overworked at one time in your career, you probably don’t have a pulse. Aside from not getting paid enough, this is probably the most common complaint employees have – whether it’s true or not..image

– they don’t have enough support or help from co-workers/team and/or boss

– the work hours are too strict or too much already
(even 9-5 or 9-6 could be too much, 40 hours is amazing time per week; why not work 20 or 30 hours per week!! employees/employers need a new paradigm; work as much as you need or something)image
– they have not had a chance to take a proper vacation
– they need some hiatus
(they have been working all the time and not having enough life; it has been work, work, work)
– the work is not aligned with their real interests and life goals/purpose.


stressed worker

What’s the message to employers? A lot of unhappy workers are staying put. But if  employers want an upbeat, engaged workforce, they need to find ways to help employees feel challenged and rewarded by work. A couple of suggestions: offer more training and education. Also it pays to try to find a path up the ladder for current employees, and to help them know it’s available to them.


8 thoughts on “Employee dissatisfaction- “say what you want to say”

  1. Heyz bebo.. Gud n realistic content but i wud suggest u shud have emphasized a bit more on cause number 4.. Thats the main cause in my views even if the pay is not that entertaining.. Who wants the money as long as our piggy bank is filled with appreciation and job satisfaction 😉 😀 apart from that every bit f dis post is 200 prcnt true.. M glad u wrote dis.. Guess u will feel a little relaxed now :* :*

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