14 days brave battle- Delhi Gang Rape Victim(Damini)

Incredible India !

A Nation Where Daughters are Neither Safe Inside Womb Nor Outside.

This is proven by a real story of  23-year-old physiotherapy student was left battling for her life after being brutally beaten up and raped by at least five drunken men in a private bus which was audaciously driven around south Delhi localities on Sunday night(16 December).

December 16, 2012: The young paramedic student  raped and beaten up by six men(while one of the accused is a minor, the others are Ram Singh, Pawan Gupta, Vinay Sharma, Mukesh and Akshay Singh alias Thakur) in a moving private bus and thrown out of it after 30 minutes of torture along with her male friend. They admitted to Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital the same night.


574888_4674643876922_742201464_nDecember 17, 2012: Police identify four men who raped and assaulted the girl. Victim’s full extent of internal injuries determined by doctors.

December 18, 2012:
 Nation outraged by the brutal gang rape while the incident shakes up Parliament with Leader of the Opposition Sushma Swaraj demanding death penalty for rapists.

Protests carried out by students of the Jawaharlal Nehru University on the Ring Road near the Munirka signal against the gang rape. A total of four accused arrested, including bus driver and main accused Ram Singh, search on for two others.

December 19, 2012:
 Doctors at Safdarjung Hospital treating the victim announce she is communicating through writing messages but still not out of danger. Permit of the bus, which the incident happened, cancelled by the Transport Department.


December 20, 2012: Students from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi University and Jamia Milia demonstrated outside Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit‘s residence against the government’s failure to curb the rising number of such crimes against women. The eyewitness and male friend of the victim gives a statement.


December 21, 2012: Safdarjung doctors say the victim is stable, but still critical. She is taken off the ventilator. Her male friend identifies one of the accused, Mukesh, during the test identification parade at Tihar jail. Police conducts raids in Haryana and Bihar, nab one more accused.

December 22, 2012: Protests against the gangrape pick up with nation wide outrage on the incident. Thousands gather at India Gate, as victim remains critical. Victim gives a statement to the sub-divisional magistrate.

INDIA Rape 10

December 23, 2012: Protests against the Delhi gangrape turn violent. Protesters defypb-121223-india-cannon2.photoblog900 prohibitory orders of the government, face police’s water cannons and tear gas shells. Constable Subhash Tomar of Delhi Police seriously injured during clashes at India Gate. The young victim’s heath remains serious with bouts of vomiting, although she was communicating and conscious. She also suffered internal bleeding.

December 24, 2012: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh makes statement regarding the gangrape and the following protests. Appeals for calm and assures stringent measures for women in the country. Two gangrape accused brought before a Delhi court say they committed a horrible crime and “deserved to be hanged”.


393166_4674643516913_609064766_nDecember 25, 2012: Doctors treating the victim say she is responding to the treatment despite being critical.

Constable Subhash Tomar succumbs to injuries sustained during December 23 protests at India Gate. Platelet count and liver function of the gangrape victim improves. She gives her statement again to metropolitan magistrate after CM Dikshit complains to Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde that senior police officials “interfered” in the process. However, the victim’s health deteriorates the same night. December 26, 2012: Protests against the gangrape continue at Jantar Mantar. Constable Tomar cremated with full state honours. Victim shifted to Singapore’s Mount Elizabeth Hospital in a sudden move after her condition deteriorates and she suffers cardiac arrest.

December 27, 2012: The victim remains critical in the ICU of Mount Elizabeth Hospital. 3,000 security people, from Delhi Police and para-military forces, man Delhi roads to stop any violent demonstration.gang-rape_moss1_121812100141

December 28, 2012: Congress party chief Sonia Gandhi demands speedy justice in the case. Doctors at Mount Elizabeth say the victim’s condition worsened with signs of multiple organ failure. She gets infection in the lungs and abdomen as well as an injury to the brain.


December 29, 2012: The victim succumbs to massive internal injuries after battling with them for over 12 days. She died at 2:15 am Indian Standard Time on December 29.

262791_4674643476912_712597930_nThe Delhi Police has said they will file the chargesheet in the case on January 3, 2013 and had already invoked the stringent charges of attempt to murder and destruction of evidence against the accused.

Investigators had earlier pressed charges against them under sections 365 (kidnapping or abducting), 376 (2)(g) (gang rape), 377 (unnatural offences), 394 (hurting in committing robbery) and 34 (common intention) of IPC.



After the death of the victim, the police said it will charge the accused with murder too and tell the court to treat it as the rarest of rare case.



But it doesn’t have to end with her death. It doesn’t have to be over. Let her death not be in vain!Let’s not stop rallying!Let’s not stop raising our voices!Let’s not go back to our lives as if nothing happened!Let’s not give the government rest!Let’s not let another rapist walk free!Let’s not back down till we see justice! Coz if we do, we are as much responsible for her death as those we choose to blame. It’s not enough to judge, rant and give up. It’s not enough to react. It’s time to ACT NOW!


96 thoughts on “14 days brave battle- Delhi Gang Rape Victim(Damini)

  1. there is no use of telling the story unless we find a solution of this
    just ask urself how many time is the one convicted for such events
    its just this case is highlighted in media before this several daminis would have died or being left with thier destroyed lives
    such persons deserves to be left around with being their sexual organs dispatched from them and allowed to live as a sixer and should be allowed to run in locality nude . then they ll realise the crime fuh what they have offenced.

    • Root cause of all the evil is the corrupted moral fibre and diminishing values of our society.
      And we make the society.It’s high time we change ourselves,individually and as a society.Yeh ek rape case nahi hai,roz hote hain.Kitna danga karenge?

    • Rapists should be stoned in public or burn them alive, they must be given a slow, painful death…..

      The court decision is really shocking those bastards cant get such a simple death ….. Pathetic is the people running our country and their law …. they happily say incredible India but its becoming Horrible Indian …. 😦 😦

      • mohan roy says:

        This is a top down syndrome. If the police in uttar pradesh, ruled by congress cronies, refused to register rape case against rahul in the rape of sukanya, then why will indians be fearful of rape or the consequences…

    • yes i am agree with you, if they can give more than this punishment the ordinary people will more happy. one time do such punishment make to think before do such crimes but no punishment and it happen again and again the lost only to the family

  2. Amit Kamila says:

    Rappist ne ye b nahi socha ki unke b maa bahan hai. kishi ki vegina me rod push karna kitna dardnank hai. ye insan nahi haiwan hai ye log.

  3. Haripada Sah says:

    sare amm fanci pe latka do un logo ko, ya fir aisi mout di jaye ki koi dubara himmat na juta paye aisi ghinouni kam ke liya…

  4. Hrmeet lamba says:

    There is a phrase called “इज्ज़त लुटना” which means losing honor(rape) in English. This has been planted in our minds through cheap literature and of course through the popular Bollywood flicks. I find it hugely disgusting and extremely male centric.

    When a man stoops low and has forced sexual intercourse with a woman, how does a females lose her इज्ज़त(honor), its the man who has lost his izzat and his right to live?

    Its a forced sexual intercourse and the girl has done nothing to lose her honor. A rape victim is as pure and honorable as any of us. It is the demonstration of ages long male chauvinism that has been taught to us because historically we(males) have been the law makers, imparters and judges.

  5. Vippul says:

    Oh god. I hate torture. She endured so much… fully concious. I wanna cross my legs FOREVER. You just can’t imagine what it would have felt like, being in excruciating pain from previous wounds while being further tortured. I hope there was a cancelling out effect somewhat. Like if you have back ache and hurt your leg it numbs your back for a bit. Eugh. This poor girl man. Every moment had to be agony. I hope she was happy when death took her.

    I hope they aren’t enjoying prison. These guys need to be hung.

  6. Eklauvya Jain says:

    Shit, It actually hurt to read this
    I still cant believe people are capable of pulling off this kind of evil.
    What a shame that she had to be tortured like this; she didn’t deserve this kind of abuse.

  7. But Democracy is a good thing !

    The Girl is dead
    India’s darling daughter is dead
    But democracy is alive
    And democracy is a good thing.

    The womanhood is raped
    Poor are starving to death
    Farmers are committing suicide
    But democracy is alive
    And democracy is a good thing

    Everyday , 3279 children die of malnutrition
    Millions of tons of grain rot under sun and rain
    Thousands die of tobacco smoke
    But democracy is alive
    And democracy is a good thing

    Hundreds die in floods
    Few thousands die crossing railway tracks
    A million children die working for 18 hours
    In dark / dungeon slave factories
    Living on a slice of bread and glass of dirty water
    But democracy is alive
    And democracy is a good thing

    Where else but in a democracy
    Do people have a right
    To vote / select their own Masters
    Who , for the next five years, will

     Silence them

     Torture them

     Maim them

     Loot them

     Rape them

     Murder them

    Cry, Beloved Motherland
    And don’t stop crying
    Till your tears sweep these tyrants into the Arabian Sea !

    With utmost contempt

    hemen parekh
    Jobs for All = Peace on Earth

  8. tanvi says:

    may dat brave soul rest in peace. her sacrifice for the country must not go in vain. atleast this incident has shaken the nation so that it wakes up from the sleep. time to fight for justice and make our country a safer place for women to wear whatever they want and move out at midnight without the fear of getting raped. those bloody rapists should be given the same pain that the girl suffered.!!!!!!!

    • nothing SHAKEN tanvi…:(
      do you knw wht hapnd last nyt???

      another shocking incident of molestation took place in a Delhi bus last night.
      A girl was allegedly molested by two conductors inside a cluster bus near Delhi’s Mandi House. The incident happened on bus route number 410, which was going from Khayala to Lajpatnagar. A case of molestation has been registered in Barakhamba Road police station.

      this sadfull molestation has taken place at a time when the nation is mourning the death of the 23-year-old medical student…..

      nothing is changed 😥 😥

      • tanvi says:

        hm…that is a really sad incident. since december 16 a lot many cases have taken place. these men have lost all their humanity. they need to die in hell. the power to protest and demand change is in our hands…but rest is on government. it has to make laws. the children have to be given moral education. boys have to be taught to respect the gender that gave them birth. only then this brutality could stop. moreover self defence training must be given at every school to girls so atleast they can fight in odd circumstances. women cops need to be increased so that victims arent asked intrusive questions. tight security and safety is a must. but who will do that? our govt is of no use….They lack basic human emotions. they never have seen the ground realities. if they had then they would have come to talk to the protestors the day the struggle for justice started. the PM, PRESIDENT are incapable of givimg proper speeches..they are just well rehearsed pices of words but lack the compasson and pain of the heart. the day the words come from their heart india will change. why werent laws made earlier? why these steps were never taken? rapes are not uncommon? they take steps once the incident occurs. they dont know prevention is better than cure.

      • true… India is a country which is runned by pimps, those pimp who. For their benefit can sell their mothers dignity,pride, and respect … They have concern towards their mother and sisters and daughters only……….. Kal ko mr shindey, mr manmohan singh etc etc ki betii k saath kuch hua toh without any delay she ll be shifted to a good hospital abroad and without any delay they ll get what they want……..

      • tanvi says:

        right yar…an inki betiyon ke sath kuch nai ho sakta. they are extremely safe. only the common woem are not. and only two women are safe in delhi i think….sheila ji an sonia ji…deeply sorry about what my nation is going through!

      • tanvi says:

        i dont know about delhi because i live in a small town. i wish i could join the candle vigils and protest marches. i love social activism and fighting against justice. my place is quite safe. but still i feel deeply about the cause because some day i will also go to other places…:(

      • wow india is really…BJP legislator says “Ban skirts in school“.
        and mean while another incident happened at Rajouri.. Near west gate mall.. 2guys thrown acid on a gals face.. Coz she wasn’t ready to sit in thr car.. Swift DL 9C AC 2223 They ran after doing that 1hr had passed still delhi police are not able to catch them….

        JAb ladke he pervert hai to kuch bhi ban karne se kya hoga??? Veil pehnne se bhi kuch nhi hogaa

      • tanvi says:

        yups!!!!i too heard of banning the skirts news…he said that girls stand at the bus stop an get eve teased as they wear skirts! i guess why only pointing towards the outfit comes on their tongues! they must teach the boys how to stare rather than telling us what to wear

      • tanvi says:

        bahut kuch ho sakta hai agr koi kuch kare….sab kuch haath ke haath me hai…ya toh haath age badake kuch kare ya hamare hath ki khayen….!!!!!!!!!

    • after some days or month this will be a story and everybody including media forget it. who lost the family. you know something even animal will not do like this, so what is category of rapist below the animal ,

  9. tanvi says:

    by shaken i meant atleast their are voices that are demanding justice…such thing has never happend before. only when their is demand then there is change…out govt is in a stupid habit of this!

  10. rdp786 says:

    Punish the Politicians who are raping our Mother India!

    Why punish the rapists of Damini only?

    Every day the Politicians are raping our Mother India and throwing her out of the bus called “Progress”.
    Let’s ask our Government to introduce “Negative Voting”, whereby we can give -1 vote to punish the corrupt and useless politicians.

  11. shashi raj says:

    दामिनी क्रांति

    उठ जाग नारी अब बहुत हुआ
    हो रहें है तुझपे जुल्म बरा
    तेरी गर्भ में होती भुर्ण हत्या
    तेरी शादी में दहेज़ प्रथा
    तु जली यहाँ तु मरी यहाँ
    तेरे चहेरे पे तेज़ाब गिरा
    तेरे सूरत को बेकार किया
    बलात्कार किया, अत्याचार किया
    और देश को शर्मसार किया …………

    तु अब तक चुप क्यूँ बैठी हो ?
    तु व्यर्थ ही सबसे डरती हो
    जिस देश के शासक गुंगे हो
    संग अंधे हो और बहरे हो
    जो अपने हित में बंधे हो
    उस शासक से क्या कहती हो ?
    एक पखवारे दामिनी परी
    इस शासक से क्या न्याय मिली ?
    उठ जाग नारी अब बहुत हुआ
    हो रहें है तुझपे जुल्म बरा …….

    जिस देश में तूने जन्मा है
    यह देश है दुर्गा काली की
    यह देश है बेगम हजरत की
    यह देश है रानी लक्ष्मी की
    जो एक ही सब पे भारी थी
    तु सीख जरा अब कदम बढ़ा
    किताब संग तलवार उठा
    और आत्मरक्षा में कदम बढ़ा
    अब बहुत हुआ अब बहुत हुआ ….

    इस क्रांति को न बुझने दे
    उस दामिनी को न मरने दे
    जो मर के भी अब जिंदा है
    कर नमन उसे अब जाग जरा
    किताब संग तलवार उठा
    और आत्मरक्षा में कदम बढ़ा
    अब बहुत हुआ अब बहुत हुआ ….
    उठ जाग नारी अब बहुत हुआ
    हो रहें है तुझपे जुल्म बरा …………


  12. kaushal raj says:

    sanaparveen yar hum chahe kitna bhi kuch bol le mgr humare india ka system he bekkar hai…unko to bus apne ghr safe chaiye mgr public servant hokr bhi unki nhi sunte hai or unki yahi soch hamesha rhti hai k log to pagal hai bol bol kr chup ho jayenge mgr ab aisa nhi hoga india k system ko badalna jaruri hai nhi to ek din aisa aayega k apne ghr se bhr nikalna he muskil ho jayega or aise rape krne wale dino din bardte jayenge…..logo ki soch ko badalna hai k please save girls kyunki unki izzjat mein he humari izzjat hai ……….pr yh log kb samjhenge yr…..kb..I hate the basted yr jinhone yh sb kiya soch kr bhi rona aata hai yr……

  13. And ap mari sistr jaisi ho to apko aisa ni likhna chahiye unhe saja dne wale hum nhi god h hm to sirf bolte he rhte h bt jb kavi hamare samne v aise crime hote h to hm dar jate h or jb ab sb finish ho gya to bolke kya fayda

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  19. Nell Briggs says:

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  21. SURJEET says:

    unless nd until our country dosent make a law to chop the organ of such beasts in public nothing is golng change we all will see more DAMINIS Mudered like this way

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  23. SK says:

    Today US govt. honors Damini and Indian is still mulling over a law to curb rape, changing bloody terms, definitions and age, over the fact 4 girls (3 yrs – 65 yrs) on an average are victimized daily in the Capital itself after Dec, 16 2012.
    No Damini can change this ugly Indian Political system until the Damini is from their own family.
    Why can’t just let the victim decide the punishment, because there is no way any other person can ever feel for the loss , torture and pain of the girl and her family. Especially, a Man can’t ever feel what a Woman goes through thus, should it not be implied at least No “Man” has any right to make a law for this crime.
    As for me, I disagree to the death penalty too as it is way easy, ”Castrate and Pour Acid on them” in public till they rot.

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