Noise Pollution due to Jagran- shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

30 December 2012..

shhhhhhhhhh noise-pollution (1)Last night was horrible for me due to Jagran, there was loud music all over the place and it felt like our room was in the Mandir . The people in the Flat next to ours complained repeatedly but we were told that the jagran people wanted the music that loud and they could do nothing about it! I try to sleep in a different room but still can hear the music, the morning time comes and i still hear this annoying noise. At 2 am i wanted to call the cops but my sister not allowed me to do so.Why people are to afraid of complaining????What they afraid of????Well nobody calls the cops and the Jagran continued until 5.00 am!! 😥

It requires a Judicial intervention. Perhaps the people of all religious sects should create an opinion wave  that enough is enough of religiosity crass display . Be it Devi Jagran/Ganpati  or Mullah screaming , the Lord upstairs is not hard of hearing . He is as much vexed of decibel. He prefers to hear only the silence prayers Is the marriage not complete without senseless drum beating DJ’s in the mid of road causing traffic jams.  Or those Auto drivers doing the dhik chak dhik chak Gulti rap songs are such a torment . The day the Road Traffic Commissioner loses his job , the next one will carry out some semblance of  Law compliance.


21 thoughts on “Noise Pollution due to Jagran- shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  1. Nikhil Kulkarni says:

    ndia has developed many rules and regulations from time to time to ensure that the noise levels in the country are maintained at a nominal level. As Motor Vehicles are the chief source of noise pollution, the Motor Vehicle Act of 1998, gave numerous powers to the state Administration to monitor the noise levels at their own level.

    Although there have been many more provisions but as none of them have been implemented as they were supposed to be, the noise levels seems to be growing day by day.

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