Find company is Fake or Real?? Registered company

With so many people now unemployed. there are more scammers out there than ever. It’s unfortunate that unscrupulous people try to prey on those who are looking for jobs, specially fresher.

Now, you can easily get to know, company is registered or not..

  • click here to open the site of Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
  • Enter the name of company.



  • If the company is not registered you will get a Pop-up like


  • or pop up



  • if company is registered by the Govt. of India then you will get following data



I’m your puppet sir

Fake boss

well I’m working for an IT company and today I’m going to share some of very hilarious and idiotic things about my boss 😛

  1. My company is a sole proprietorship business, as a sole proprietor you don’t have to make any legal documents to begin your business except of course to get compliance and permission from local administration.
  2. But my highly qualified IITian boss is so dumb that he don’t even know the organizational structure properly. He is threatening  everyone by using by word “HR“. HR order that, he said so 😛 HR forcing me(boss) to take some action otherwise he will sue me(owner)… DAFUk 😛 (ROFL) how can HR sue the owner for not obeying his words hahhah.
  3. Even my so called HR is bullying my boss:( POOR SOUL 😛 HR to Boss- you hiring fake employees( omg 😮 i thought HR is reponsible for hiring and firing :P) and making money by claiming the salary of fake employee (huhh 😛 Mr. Owner are you seriously educated or not???? how can owner claim the fake salary idiot?? He is the only person who gives the salary/wages to his/her employees including to HR 😛 from his profit and loss account)
  4. By the way let me tell you.. there is no HR in my company, my boss itself is HR. 😛
  5. Even we don’t have marketing head, my boss (ceo of this company) is marketing head and using different name if somebody is asking the name of marketing head..( dick head, this is forgery) Even he is accessing all the important Id’s like marketing,info,sales,hr and id with fake employee name.
  6. Today was our review you for review meeting is conduct my hr of the organisation bt where is the fucking HR??? ooh.. he solve this critical too very smartly, he bring his wife(as an HR)..bullying-prayer1
  7. CEO message– “Due to some disciplinary and change over issues, no body including me received  salaries on time for the month of December.” LOL  Owner alone enjoys the benefits or profits of the business and he alone bears the losses, Owner get profit not salary Dumb head.
  8. well, I know i m an idiot, but office is good,company is growing too but working environment sucks.
  9. at last boss is always right 😛 but i dnt wanna part of this puppet show anymore:P I QUIT!!!!!!!